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Argenide Ghini

first Brazilian woman metacurator; meta architect

nft, digital and acrylic painting artist


55 19 98115-9167




São Paulo, Brazil

A Bit About Me

In 2004 I owned a handmade paper studio and my beginning was as a self-taught artist, inspired by the paper artworks of the artist Chuck Close. The first pieces were handmade paper collages dyed with pure pigments. They looked like pixel images foreshadowing my digital work.


At some point, I started doing acrylic paintings, mostly portraits.  The way we recognize images has always been an important issue in my artwork. It looks completely different when observed up close (abstract) and from a distance (figurative).


I have participated in Museum exhibitions in several countries around the world. 

With the pandemic situation, in 2020, at my daily meditation, I had an insight about taking my brushstrokes to the computer to be able to do a digital painting that would look like my acrylic paintings. Then, I digitized my brushstrokes at the studio to form a huge bank of brushstrokes.











Since the beginning of 2021, I started uploading my digital work to the NFTs blockchains, mostly at OpenSea (selected NFTs). “Frida by Ghini”, was my first metaverse solo exhibition. Nowadays, as a metacurator, I had exhibited more than 500 NFTs from several artists in Voxels. 

In September 2021, together with a colleague, I made curation of the first largest exhibition of Brazilian NFT artists in the Voxels metaverse, with more than 120 artists, at the Museum xyz, the BrazucasNFT Exhibition. Soon after that, I was accepted to join Searchlight's pool of artists and with them participated in NFT.NYC 2021.


After BrazucasNFT, I decided that I would make an exhibition only of the feminine in all its diversity and so FEMINU (Feminine NFTs Universe) Exhibition opened in March 2022, with 60 artists and was eternalized in a parcel.

Then I founded FEMINU DAO, which takes forward the causes related to the promotion of women, trans, and non-binary people artists.

Besides the paintings, I love to sing, write poetry and especially play with my lovely golden Lupi.


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