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The Portal Magician
This work was inspired by my history within web3.
A little over a year ago, I entered the world of NFTs after starting my digital paintings and curated, together with a colleague, the first major exhibition of Brazilian NFT artists, becoming the first Brazilian woman meta-curator. When I came across the small number of women artists, I decided that I would make an exhibition only of the feminine in all its diversity and the exhibition FEMINU (Feminine NFTs Universe) opened in March 2022, in the Voxels metaverse, with 60 artists of which 50 knew nothing about web3, NFTs, blockchain, etc. On that occasion, I was nicknamed "The portal magician" by one of the artists, for having opened a universe of possibilities for all of them and that's exactly how I also felt about the web3 universe and all that it has brought to my life, transforming it. 
After the exhibition, I founded FEMINU DAO, which carries on causes related to the promotion of cis artists, trans women, and non-binary people and also of cultural diversity.  

This work, a collab with AI (MidJourney), portrays this change in my life and that of many of the 50 artists who learned about web3 from scratch and in a short time expanded the possibilities in their careers.
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