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Digital Paintings
Distinct digital paintings by Ghini using digitized acrylic brush strokes.
 Selected artwork made on digital medium and minted as NFTs at OpenSea.
The closer you look at it, the more increadible it turns.
I Wanna Fly detail
I Wanna Fly was made using my acrylic brushstrokes that were scanned into the computer which I use in my digital paintings and NFTs.

I Wanna Fly and Butterfly #1 were based on a collab made with AI and then painted with my digital acrylic brushstrokes
Butterfly #1
Frida #5 detail
Autorretrato em pintura digital da artista Argenide Ghini
detalhe do autorretrato da artista Argenide Ghini que foi seu primeiro NFT na plataforma OpenSea
Self portrait #1 detail
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